Vital energy for life in the wireless world

Are you new to energyDOTs?

If you aren't sure where to start we recommend you begin with a special offer bioDOT pack. The pack includes a bioDOT, for you to wear, and a FREE smartDOT for your most used device. The bioDOT supports your energy field at all times.  We live in a world of 'electro-smog' and bioDOT supports your energy field in this intense environment.  In the bioDOT pack it is offered in three easy to wear options the bioTAG, bioCLIP and bioBAND.

How do energyDOTs work?

The DOT itself is a low power magnet acting as a storage device. Magnets are often used to store information for example a video tape, tape cassette and magnetic stripe on a bank card all act as storage devices.

energyDOTs are activated by Programmed Harmonic Interface Technology® (developed exclusively by Phi harmonics). This activation is similar to homeopathic medicine or other vibrational remedies, where an energy signature is stored in a solid substance.

each energyDOT® is programmed with naturally occurring bio-energetic information signatures according to its purpose

the powerful resonance held by energyDOTs® acts like a tuning fork on electromagnetic fields in its immediate environment.

it re-tunes man-made EMFs to a natural harmonic by a process known as the 'principal of entrainment’

The human body's electrical sensors recognise the re-tuned emissions as being in harmony with its natural healthy state.  The body no longer needs to react defensively to emissions from the 'harmonised' device and electro-stress is relieved.